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Starfield preloads are now available on Steam, so you can overcome the huge file sizes

With Star field with release in a week and early access in a handful of days, players are preparing to face what could be an incredibly long download and a slight delay getting off the ground. But, for those looking to get stuck by the time the game unlocks, there are a few ways around these launch day download times.

Preloads for Star field have been made available to those launching via Steam, so starting today you’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve and start tackling the staggering 134.9GB file size, which is quite a bit larger than those playing via Xbox Series X. |S.

If you are the proud owner of the premium edition on Xbox then you will need to download 116GB or 100GB if you settle for the Standard edition. Regardless of which platform you’re using, the download is going to be lengthy, so it’s definitely worth pre-loading it now that you have the chance.

For PC gamers via PC Game Pass or Xbox Series X|S, preloads of the title have been available for nearly two weeks, so there’s already been plenty of time to download the game. If you’re stuck for storage, you might want to check out our list of the best hard drives and SSDs for Xbox Series X to make sure you’ve got more than enough space even before launch day.

There are only a few days left before you can join Constellation and finally dive into the world of Star fieldand after the delays the title has faced before launch, it’s worth considering making things as streamlined as possible by preloading the game in advance because that’s the last thing you want to encounter when trying to jump into one of the upcoming games most anticipated of the year is any further delay.

If you’re looking for a game or two to dive into while waiting for Starfield to unlock, our list of the best RPGsalong with our list of best single player games. We also expect Starfield to become one of the the best games on Game Passso it’s worth checking out the competition before you launch.


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This Domain is For Sale