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Mario in one of the first levels of Super Mario Bros Wonder in the mushroom kingdom

Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s talking flowers can be muted, but you can’t stop their hints

Super Mario Bros. MarvelThe talkative flowers of may be silenced, but you won’t be able to escape their suggestions and comments entirely, confirmed Nintendo.

As was shown in the game trailers, in the upcoming 2D Mario In addition to the elephant power-up and crazy moments of surprise triggered by the game’s mysterious “Wonder Flowers”, the colorful world is also populated by cheerful talking flowers. It’s quite rare to see Mario characters who speak in full sentences (although that’s happened on multiple occasions in the past), but these floral friends are perfectly fluent.

Based on the gameplay footage revealed so far, the phrases spoken by the flowers range from quick jokes and funny comments to hints on how to progress through the levels. Now, Eurogamer relationships it has been confirmed that players will be able to turn off text or audio dialogue for flowers, but not both. Then it will not be possible to play without getting Some help from them.

Typically, traditional 2D Mario games don’t tend to contain that many head-scratching situations, so it seems unlikely that the presence of the flowers would detract from the enjoyment of the players That a lot (unless you play Undertale made them permanently wary of any flora or fauna that knows human speech). Hopefully this will lead to some more noteworthy moments when the game releases – the internet has already seen more than its fair share of one of the flowers saying “well then” in response to the Elephant Mario he blew off the screen a sleeping Goomba.

There’s not much more to wait Super Mario Bros. Marvel – the launch is planned exclusively on Nintendo Switch on October 20th.

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