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the John Wick series has a release date (and it’s coming soon)

The John Wick franchise continues to grow. While Chapter IV of the saga has just achieved great success at the box office, side projects are multiplying. This is especially true of the three-part series The Continental which will air on September 22 on the Amazon Prime Video platform. The occasion for us to return to the known information about this production.

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What will The Continental be about?

For now we still know relatively little about the history of The Continental, although a first trailer has been released. In any case, it is a prequel set in the 70s. As the name suggests, the plot will focus on The Continental Hotel, a place well known to John Wick fans that houses the assassins between two assignments.

We can follow the journey of Winston, the character played by Ian McShane in the films, but this time he is much younger. We’ll have to wait for the official synopsis to see a little more clearly.

Which casting for The Continental?

Among the big names in the cast, we note the presence of Mel Gibson, who needs no introduction. At his side we find Katie McGrath (Supergirl), Ben Robson (The animal kingdom) and Peter Greene (pulp Fiction). Finally, the role of young Winston will be played by Colin Woodell. He’s relatively unknown but we’ve already seen him in action on the HBO Max series The flight attendant.

The John Wick universe expands

The John Wick franchise, very bankable, will therefore give rise to several side projects of the films. In addition to The Continental, we know the film Dancer it is also very advanced. The protagonist will be the actress Ana de Armas, who has become one of the stars of American cinema.

This feature film was anticipated last year by Keanu Reeves. We especially know that this new part will focus on the story of the dancer who is seen in John Wick: Parebellumplayed by Unity Phelan.

And just what Neo plays in The Matrix explains: “She is a woman who has gone through a difficult time and seeks revenge. Someone killed her father. But who? And so now she must understand her past. »

Adds : “She lost her father when she was just a child, but she doesn’t know exactly what happened. Only someone came to their house to shoot his father, who had a tattoo. And as we learned in John Wick, if you have a tattoo, something’s up.”.


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