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The Labrador Retriever home robot makes life easier for people with limited mobility

The Labrador Retriever home robot makes life easier for people with limited mobility

Once again, CES in Las Vegas showcased numerous technological innovations. Among the latter, the domestic robot Labrador Retriever, an intelligent service that offers welcome assistance to people with reduced mobility. Let’s find out together.

Whatever the reason, loss of mobility can now be alleviated thanks to roboticsrobotics. The innovation presented by the company from Labrador Systems, INC. during Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES) 2022 from Las vegasvegas play the assistance card. So the robotrobot Domestic Retriever is programmed to move heavy objects easily (11 kgkg max) or bulky (dishes, household goods, groceries, etc.) from one end of the house to the other with little or no effort (you still have to charge the robot).

An assistance which, according to its creators, is a real extra hand. ” We launched Labrador because we see a new range ofappapp able to satisfy enormous needs says Mike Dooley, CEO of Labrador Systems, INC. To ease the daily life of people with reduced mobility, the Retriever robot is similar to a sideboard composed of a tray in the upper part and a large storage space in the lower part.

A height adapted to your needs

Able to position itself as close to the user as possible, the Labrador Retriever robot automatically adjusts its height. Thus the upper plate, initially 63.5 cm from the ground, can be raised up to 96.5 cm. Always with a view to simplifying people’s daily lives, the designers have envisaged an innovative recovery device. It consists of trays (40 x 30 cm or 43 x 30 cm) and a small refrigerator (optional). Placed on furniture or shelves, the trays (previously filled) can support a weight of 4.5 kg. An ingenious system that allows the robot to deliver food, medicine… at a predefined time or on command.

Simple and connected use

Equipped with a TabletTablet oa smart phonesmart phonethe Retriever robot is easy to fly through a dedicated application. For greater freedom of use, it is also compatible with the Alexa connected speaker. In this regard, Paul Bernard, director of the AmazoniaAmazonia Alexa Fund, said that “ Amazon is proud to support Labrador Systems INC. and the important work being done to help more people live independently “. This robot goes further, with programming, which allows it to act at a specific time and on one or more stop points. A routine that allows for example to bring medicine…

A 3D navigation system

To be autonomous, the Labrador Retriever robot benefits from a proprietary navigation system that combines augmented reality algorithms with robotics to create a 3D map of the house. A technology that allows the Labrador Retriever robot to operate in complex and dynamic environments. Finally, to avoid any obstacles in its path, this robot is equipped with sensorssensors on all four sides.

After a test phase, which began in February 2021, the Labrador Retriever robot should go into production by the second half of 2023. Its cost remains… after an initial monthly payment of $1,499, 36 monthly payments of $149 will need to be added (i.e. just under 6,000 euros at current exchange rates). It remains to be seen whether this powerhouse of technology will make it across the Atlantic and become accessible to as many people as possible…

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