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Google Pixel 7a review case on sticky notes

The latest Google Pixel 8 leaks indicate Wi-Fi 7 and Night Sight for video

We think we know when the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will launch now – Wednesday, October 4 – but the leaks about this upcoming flagship keep coming, and we’ve got a couple more to report.

First, as reported by an expert whistleblower Mishaal Rahman (through Android police), it looks like both new phones will come with support for the Wi-Fi 7 standard, which means they’ll be able to take advantage of the Wi-Fi 7 networking kit when it starts appearing on the scene (which should be by the end). of the year).

There was talk of Wi-Fi 7 for Pixel 8 phones as early as July, and it stands to reason that the standard is supported. As with any upgrade to the Wi-Fi standard, it means faster speeds, higher bandwidth, and lower latency, and we’ve got an explanation for you between Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 outlining the differences.

Wi-Fi 7 specs were revealed when Pixel 8 phones went through the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulatory body, but the same documents suggest that only the Pixel 8 Pro will get ultra-wideband support (UWB) for greater accuracy. device tracking, which is strange if Google plans to roll out its own AirTags soon.

More night vision

That’s where the other Pixel 8 leak comes from 9to5Google, and it’s actually two leaks in one. Sources speaking to the site say the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will indeed have a physical SIM slot, despite previous rumors that the phones would only support eSIM.

Next, the Pixel 8 Pro will apparently add Night Sight mode for video, which should mean better detail and clearer shots for clips recorded in low light. This will most likely be achieved through a combination of the phone’s rear camera hardware and software capabilities built into the Camera app.

Night Sight mode for still images has been available on Pixel phones for years, using multiple exposures, specially optimized algorithms, and machine learning to significantly improve image quality in low-light conditions. The results can be impressive and we can’t wait to see how it all works out with video.

All will be revealed in a month or so, and you can expect more rumors and leaks between then and now. Meanwhile, Apple is planning a special event for September 12, where it is expected to showcase the iPhone 15.

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