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The iPhone 14 Pro facing forwards, held in a hand at an angle

The latest iPhone 15 Pro leak reveals its new lighter weight

One of the expected changes to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max (or iPhone 15 Ultra) this year is a move to a titanium chassis – and now we have an idea of ​​just how much lighter these two phones will be, compared with their predecessors.

According to the informant @Tech_Reve (through Checking the notebook), the decision to replace the stainless steel frame of the previous iPhones with a titanium one, more resistant and lighter, will actually reduce the Pro models by a few grams, even if the differences are not huge.

The iPhone 15 Pro will apparently weigh 191 grams, compared to 206 grams for the iPhone 14 Pro. However, we expect the new phone to be the same size as the old one and to keep the same 6.1-inch screen size.

Moving on to the iPhone 15 Pro Max – and we’re still not sure of that name – the prediction here is a weight of 221 grams, a reduction from the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s 240 grams. Again, the dimensions and size of the screen (6.7 inches) should remain the same.

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Lighter and more expensive

There have been complaints about the relative heaviness of the larger iPhone Pro in recent years, and if the next model can be both lighter and more durable, then Apple may be able to convince a few more people to invest in it.

The compromise will be the price, because titanium costs more. We’ve heard rumors of a $100 increase in the amount you’ll need to pay this year for the Pro and Pro Max models (on a rough currency conversion, that’s £79 / AU$156 more).

One of the biggest unknowns right now is whether the iPhone 15 Pro Max will actually be called the iPhone 15 Ultra. The leaks and rumors we’ve heard so far have swung both ways, so we’re not sure what Apple will do.

This particular leak involves the iPhone 15 Pro Max name, so we’ve kept it here. Names, weights and everything else are expected to be revealed next month, with an Apple event now slated for September 12 or 13.

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