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The reality of a nuclear winter is poorly understood by 9 out of 10 people!

The reality of a nuclear winter is poorly understood by 9 out of 10 people!

The concept of nuclear winter. If it means nothing to you, scientists today intend to remind you of some of its consequences. To help you take a definitive stand against any idea of ​​nuclear war.

Scientists have clearly modeled this. In the event of a nuclear war, our planet would go into what they call nuclear winter. An artificial season that could last ten years. The result of the debris thrown on the stratospherestratosphere from nuclear explosions. Debris that would block the solar radiationsolar radiationthus causing a general lowering of temperatures on Earth.

The concept was well known to populations during the Cold War. Several films and novels had then staged the nuclear winter. And the devastation it could wreak due to, in particular, the massive famines it could cause. Today, some Cambridge University researchers (UK) point this out “We face a greater risk of nuclear conflict than we imagined since the early 1980s. Yet there is little public knowledge or debate about the unimaginable long-term consequences of nuclear war for the planet and world populations. »

Avoid nuclear war

Their survey shows that less than 10% of Americans and Britons surveyed know the concept of nuclear winter. However, almost 25% support the idea of ​​nuclear retaliation in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine.

Where is the best place on Earth to survive a nuclear winter?

But opinion is changing. The percentage drops to less than 15% in favor of retaliation when those questioned are made aware of the risks of global famine – even in countries not involved – that would follow a nuclear war. Famines will likely affect up to 225 million people for a war involving no more than 0.1% of the US and Russia’s nuclear arsenal! “A little education could help limit the temptation for leaders of nuclear-weapon states to threaten or even use such weapons in support of military operations.”say the researchers.

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