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The Starfield mole was arrested and charged with selling stolen goods

The person who leaked 45 minutes of Star field was arrested for receiving stolen goods.

As noted by Kotaku29-year-old Darin Harris was arrested and booked on felony charges by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee earlier this week after allegedly trying to sell stolen copies of the game before the 1st release date September.

It took police just four days to find and arrest Harris after he leaked a 45-minute segment of the game online, though to be fair, Harris had plastered his social media with numerous videos of his ill-gotten gainsso he shouldn’t have been too surprised when the police cars arrived.

He has since been charged with handling between $2,500 and $10,000 worth of stolen property — a felony felony — but also faces a misdemeanor charge for theft of assets up to $1,000 and possession of marijuana. He allegedly was also trying to sell more stolen copies of the game.

THE the sci-fi game recently went goldand you can preload Star field right now on Xbox Series X|S and PC (although Steam players will still have to wait until August 30th) if you’ve pre-ordered the game or plan to download it from the site Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

You may need to free up some space beforehand, though – Star field it will take up a whopping 100.19 GB Xbox Series X|S for Standard Edition players and 117.07 GB for Premium Edition players. For PC and Steam users the situation is even worse, with Bethesda’s space RPG taking up 139.84GB.

Bethesda publishing chief Pete Hines recently suggested it Star field modders could create their own planets and stories. Speaking during the Bethesda MainStream Special Women in Gaming live stream during Gamescom 2023, Hines discussed the potential of gamer freedom in Star field and implied that players could modify the game and create their own planets.

“I’m excited about this game because I love it so much and I love what we did and what that team did, but there’s so much more to come,” Hines said.

“When you start thinking about the kind of community that comes around Bethesda Game Studios games and putting a tool like that in people’s hands, you ask yourself, ‘Would you like to make a planet?’”

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