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These good habits could save you up to 24 years of life expectancy

These good habits could save you up to 24 years of life expectancy

Eat healthy, play sports, don’t smoke, don’t drink too much alcohol, don’t take medicines, sleep well… We all know what it takes to live longer in good health. A new study comes to clarify the point, with impressive quantified results: good lifestyle habits could increase life expectancy by 24 years!

If everyone knew that eating healthy and exercising makes you betterlife expectationlife expectationHowever, it is difficult to accurately quantify the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. A team looked into the matter and their results were presented in July 2023 in Boston, Congress Nutrition, the congress of the American Nutrition Society. The results are amazing!

The study was conducted on 700,000 US veterans between the ages of 40 and 99. He examined eight lifestyle habits: performing regular physical activity, not taking opioids, not smoking, knowing how to manage stress, having a varied and balanced diet, consuming a low consumption ofalcoholalcohol, sleep well, have healthy social relationships. Each of the lifestyle habits was assessed using a standardized questionnaire. During the follow-up that lasted from 2011 to 2019, 33,365 participants died.

Impressive results!

The results of this analysis show that:

  • men with these eight lifestyle habits live an average of 24 years longer by age 40 than those with none of these habits;
  • women with these eight lifestyle habits live an average of 21 years longer by age 40 than those with none of these habits.

While the ideal is obviously to adopt the eight healthy habits as soon as possible, the authors found that even people with only one, two or three of these habits still have benefits on their life expectancy. Similarly, people who had adopted good habits in their 50s or 60s also reported beneficial effects on their health. It’s never too late to start and there’s absolutely no need to adopt them all!

Which lifestyle habits have the greatest impact on life expectancy?

The lifestyle habits that have the greatest impact on life expectancy are the following three: carry out an activity physicistphysicist, do not use opioids and do not smoke. The lifestyle habit that seemed to have the least impact on life expectancy was social relationships. However, this is not zero!

These results are extremely interesting: while there is nothing new in substance, it was not known until now whether the impact of physical activity on life expectancy, for example, could be so significant! In the era of preventive rather than curative medicine, these data could guide public health policies. Physical activity prescription has a bright future ahead of it!

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