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This gel treats erectile dysfunction in 10 minutes

This gel treats erectile dysfunction in 10 minutes

A new drug in the form of a gel could be marketed over the counter in the United States for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Applied directly to the glands of the penis, clinical studies promise fast and effective action, with no serious adverse events.

There Food and drug administration (FDA) has just authorized the placing on the American market of a topical gel (which exerts a local action on the skin without passing into the blood) for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. “MED3000” can be marketed by Futura Medical company (unrelated to our media) as the first topical treatment available without a prescription.

This is a gelgeleffective and clinically proven for erectile dysfunction, with an onset of action of 10 minutes “. Applied to the glans of the penis, it generates a rapid refreshing and warming action, promoting sensory stimulation of the nervesnerves of the glans, which leads to rapid relaxation of smooth muscles and erection. Indeed, this area is very strongly innervated and its sensorssensors respond to a variety of sensations physicistphysicist like touch, pressurepressure and temperature, hence the interest of local treatment.

Conversely, oral medications such as Viagra® require a doctor’s prescription in the United States and generally should be taken at least 30 minutes beforehand. The treatment is already available over the counter in Belgium and the UK under the brand name Eroxon®.

Conclusive clinical studies

Numerous clinical studies have allowed the FDA to give its approval. For example, the randomized, double-blind, patient-controlled study FM57 placeboplacebo, involved 1,000 patients with mild, moderate, or severe erectile dysfunction. The MED3000 results demonstrated a highly statistically significant improvement in erectile function for all patients (mild, moderate and severe). The gel starts working immediately in some patients, with over 60% seeing an erection appear within 10 minutes of taking the gel.applicationapplication.

Worldwide, erectile dysfunction disrupts the lives of at least one in five men, and an estimated 22 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction in the United States alone.



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