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This hot water tank stores the energy produced by the solar panels

This hot water tank stores the energy produced by the solar panels

Becoming an energy producer by installing photovoltaic panels reduces electricity consumption. However, a part of this production remains unused and ends up in the network… With Stock-O, Systovi offers a unique and clean storage solution.

Producing electricity using solar panels not only reduces your electricity billpowerpower but to make a gesture for the planet. However, during the hours of the day when energy needs are lower, part of the unused electricity production (the surplus) is fed back into the grid. To eliminate this loss, and increase the share of self-consumption, the most common solution is to install batteries… An effective but more or less expensive process, which requires the use of polluting technologies such as GuideGuide open or lithium-ion.

Did you know ?

In a DHW tank, the temperature of the water volume is not constant. It occurs, as in nature, in the form of layers.

Consume the electricity produced

Based on this observation, solar panel manufacturer Systovi innovates by offering Stock-O. A 200-litre domestic hot water (DHW) tank capable of storing energy as soon as the system goes into overproduction. The latter, with a power of 2,000 W, incorporates three resistors (250, 500 and 1,250 W). Positioned at different heights, the latter are used according to the solar production of the moment up to volumevolume of water contained in the balloon is completely at temperature.

Conserve electricity at no extra cost

An innovative process that allows the equivalent of 10 kWh to be stored, bringing the share of self-production of electricity to 80% or even more depending on the region. For homeowners whose homes are already equipped with PV panels, stock-O DHW tank integration is entirely possible. This replaces the old classic electric balloon.

Having a continuous supply of hot water thanks to solar energy allows you to meet the needs of a family of four or even five people, in the evening and in the morning. Available from professional installers or specialized brands, this balloon does not currently benefit from financial aid… However, compared to an installation using lithium-ion technology, the manufacturer announces a total cost divided by four.

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