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This proton battery is a greener alternative to lithium-ion batteries

This proton battery is a greener alternative to lithium-ion batteries

Australian researchers have developed a new proton battery that uses cracked water to store energy. Composed mainly of carbon, it represents a greener and more economical alternative to lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium is present in most batteries, but there would not be enough for a massive transition to the electric car, as well as in our smartphones, computers and other devices. In an article published in the magazine Journal of Energy Sourcesresearchers Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia have created a new battery at protonsprotons that works without lithium.

This obviously isn’t the only non-lithium battery in development. However, according to the researchers, this technology represents a viable alternative to lithium-ion batteries. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and economical to produce, as its main component is carboncarbon. ” The proton battery does not present any environmental problems at the end of its life, as all components and materials can be regenerated, reused or recycled said one of the authors of the article.

Hydrogen stored in the form of protons

While charging, moleculesmolecules of water are separated to generate protons, or hydrogen ions H⁺, which bind to aa electrodeelectrode in carbon. During the discharge, the electrode releases protons, which pass through a membrane and combine with oxygen from the membraneairair to create water and generate electricity.

The researchers had already presented a first prototype in 2018, but in five years they managed to make many improvements. They thus achieved an energy density of 882 J/g, or 245 Wh/kg, which is equivalent to the capacity of lithium-ion batteries currently on the market. This proton battery can also be recharged very quickly. The researchers have patented their invention and have just begun a two-year partnership with the company automotive sectorautomotive sector Italian Eldor Corporation to develop this technology, and move from the production of a few wattwatt currently in kilowatts and then in megawatts.

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