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to end Wi-Fi limitations

to end Wi-Fi limitations

The Wi-Fi connection is too often unstable and unpredictable… With a router like the one offered by Synology the situation changes completely. The Wi-Fi comes out boosted and the speed is there.

Who has never railed against Wi-Fi? We move a meter across a room and the connection weakens, when it just doesn’t disappear. In some online games, this sudden Wi-Fi slowdown can be irritating to say the least: you aim at a monster, and thanks to the faulty connection, it has had time to move!

But what to do, doctor, will those concerned say? Well the solution exists. It consists of using routers such as Synology’s WRX560. In other words, specialized equipment that will ensure the transmission of the Wi-Fi signal wherever you want, without a hitch. Say goodbye to stress, welcome to comfortable connection.

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The inventory of noteworthy features

While Synology’s WRX560 received an “Editor’s Choice” from PC magazinethis is due to a number of specific characteristics.

First of all, the WRX560 manages Wi-Fi 6, the most advanced standard for this technology, which appeared in 2019. This, thanks to the high-performance antennas, significantly increases the data transmission speed. Synology advances a speed that could reach up to 3 Gbps.

Wi-Fi 6 manages the connection and simultaneous transmission of data to multiple users and reduces the risk of interference with nearby networks.

WRX560 manages MESH, a technology in which we have a main router and several so-called satellite routers, which can be placed at will in the house. This system eliminates dead or weak zones and ensures that every occupant benefits from an optimal connection.

With WRX560’s Synology Router Manager, parental control operates directly at the Wi-Fi connection level: it is therefore possible to filter web content to prevent Cinderella or Snow White from coexisting with the neighbors. first less advisable.

These terms might sound daunting but they are not.

  • WAN refers to a wide area network, such as an entire village;
  • The LAN, on the other hand, characterizes a local network, like in an apartment;
  • 2.5GbE refers to the network speed of 2.5 Gigabits per second, faster than that typically used in home networks.

Therefore, the 2.5GbE WAN/LAN designation indicates that the WRX560 router can support network speeds of 2.5 Gigabits per second over LAN and WAN connections. In practice this means that you can comfortably play Fortnite or other high-bandwidth multi-user games.

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And that’s not all…

Finally, the WRX 560 can use the 5.9 GHz band and this has the advantage of being free from interference. Finally, the Smart Connect feature automatically redirects routers to the Wi-Fi band with the best signal and fastest speed.

Article written in collaboration with Synology


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