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Video editing in the age of artificial intelligence

Video editing in the age of artificial intelligence

Long assimilated to the equivalent of iMovie on PC, that is to an editing software suitable for beginners, Filmora has gradually come to accommodate features worthy of the great professional programs.

When you think of professional video editing, three applications immediately come to mind:

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe Premiere
  • DaVinci Resolve

These three software have undeniable advanced features but at the same time their approach is difficult and usually requires at least two weeks of training.

At the other extreme we have iMovie, the software created by Apple and usually offered as standard with its iMacs. Not having breathtaking abilities, he is unanimously praised for the simplicity of his approach. Those who have tried iMovie on the Mac have naturally been looking for a PC equivalent. And since 2015 it is a particular software that has generally appeared: Filmora from Wondershare. Its ease of use was comparable to that of iMovie and made it a beginner-friendly choice. The application has gradually come to attract more than 100 million users.

Just here: Over the releases, Filmora has continued to welcome more and more sophisticated features. Thus, the recent Filmora 12 edition offers a particularly wide range of services, often worthy of the three flagship software mentioned above. Icing on the cake: Filmora 12 opens up to artificial intelligence…

Today the new version integrates Improved keyframe, draw the mask, AI Smart Crop, AI audio extensionetc.

The presentation video of the new features of Filmora 12

What are the new features of Filmora 12?

Custom masks

Anyone who knows Photoshop knows the “crop” function well: we place points on the edges of an object or a character, and thus define a border around it. In Filmora 12 as in Photoshop, you can then remove the background and replace it with another one. However, with this editing software, artificial intelligence is at the rendezvous. If the character moves his arms or legs, he will still appear distinct from the background.

Cutting through AI

Another way to isolate an element of a video is to point the subject using a brush. The AI ​​will then automatically complete the selection. Again, all that remains is to embed another decoration, which can be an animated video. We thus obtain a capability that normally requires filming a person in front of a green screen.

Automatic adjustment of a musical sequence

Do you appreciate a certain musical sequence but, alas, is it shorter than the clip you operate on? Copy or stretch the audio clip and it will intelligently adapt to the length of the video clip, for example without you hearing a drop in volume where you copy/pasted the music.

Download Filmora 12

ChatGPT to the rescue

Filmora 12 integrates artificial intelligence into many services. In this way we can operate a suppression of background noise or improve the voice. But that is not all. Filmora wants to comply with what is called AIGC – Artificial Intelligence Generated Content – ​​and which refers to content created by artificial intelligence algorithms, whether it is text coming from ChatGPT or images generated using MidJourney’s Help software. For beginners in editing, the “Snapshot” mode offers the possibility to create a clip from the uploaded images, videos and music, based on one of 115 predefined templates. You can also ask ChatGPT questions from Filmora – the creator will be able to come up with ideas, get a script for a Youtube video or a title. We only have an overview of the AI ​​functions: it is also possible to read a text via synthetic voice or obtain an intelligent transcription of a video, in order to provide subtitles to Youtube.

Large library of audio and video effects and sequences

Filmora provides creatives with a huge library housing no less than 500,000 audio or video sequences, not to mention effects.

Try Filmora 12

Overall, what is striking about this new version of Filmora is that in Filmora 12 a large number of specific effects are available from the main software in the sector and sometimes with a good ease of use.

As usual, the software is available for free in a limited version in PC, Mac, iPhone, Android environments. Note that Wondershare offers 1GB of secure cloud for free to store your works and edit them in bulk mode.

Download Filmora 12 here

Article produced in collaboration with Wondershare teams.


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