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what benefits do you get?

what benefits do you get?

With the term home automation we group different technologies that allow you to control and automate the activities of your home or apartment. With the main aim of making your daily life easier. Comfort, safety, savings and fun. There are all kinds of scenarios that are actually being tested on EDF Pulse & You co-design platform.

The pyramid of needs. Does it remind you of anything? If you don’t work in management, maybe not. So this is it. This pyramid – also called Maslow’s pyramid – is the one that allows us to classify our needs according to the level of importance. At the base there are obviously our physiological needs: to eat, drink, sleep. Then come safety, comfort, leisure, etc. And if the AutomationAutomation it doesn’t aim to satisfy our basic needs, it now seems capable of satisfying many of our other needs.

Try connected scenarios and win a great prize!

But in which situations is it most effective? On the co-design platform EDF Pulse & You, the topic has been debated for some time now. After imagining all kinds of home automation scenarios they would like to see applied to their homes, now the pulsators they are invited to test them in their real life.

By participating in this experimentation phase you will be able, for example, to test some home automation scenarios designed to save money –powerpower and’moneymoney. Some are offered directly by EDF. Like the one that allows you to change the colorcolor or turn on the lights when you go during off-peak hours. Or one that simply sends you a file smssms to notify you of a price change. Or the one that changes the heating schedule when you switch to weekday hours or day with blue weather.

Challenge the EDF teams by inventing your own scenario here

From savings to safety, comfort and entertainment

But when it comes to saving energy, Pulsers do it too many ideas. Like those who think of cutting unnecessary sockets (TV, music, etc.) when the system does not detect the presence of a person in the house. The one that offers to shut off power to the plugged in bulb outside off-peak times. On one out of three ceiling light bulbs, in order to still have enough light during peak hours. Or the one who imagines the automatic switch from a 15A season ticket to a 7A one when summer arrives. Or even more precisely, according to a certain consumption threshold.

Did you know ?

It has now been more than five years since co-beta testing platform EDF Pulse & You offers business leaders and start-ups, as well as all people who wish to get involved, the opportunity to imagine the world of tomorrow together. Now they are finished 10,000 pulsators regularly share their experiences and thoughts on various topics.

Joining them is very simple. Simply create an account. You will then be able to publish your ideas and vote for the best contributions. And you will also have the chance to win one or more prizes reserved for the most creative Pulsers.

Home automation can also be used to improve the security of a home. An impeller suggests, for example, that dangerous holds could thus be automatically cut. Other scenarios may allow the activation of a surveillance camera in connection with the detection of a movementmovement. Or activate the house alarm every time you leave the house.

From the point of view of comfort, home automation scenarios can also have a role to play. So you can literally program your home to be as welcoming as possible for when you come home from the office. Especially if you are, as most seem to be, a fan of automation. A heating system that thus restores yours home Sweet Home it’s up to temperature right at the time of your return. A garage door that opens by itself when you approach. Or again, lightslights that light up when you get home. And also, if the notification aspect doesn’t scare you, a mailbox that notifies you when a letter is deposited to avoid unnecessary detours.

Connected home: what are the benefits?

The last major area of ​​home automation is free time. One scenario could be, for example, dimming the lighting when you sit in front of the TV to watch a movie. Another might be turning on the heat in your bathroom a little before shower time. Or switch to soothing lighting while you take a bath.

So what would yours be? And who will win between the scenarios proposed by EDF and those of the Pulseurs? Meeting on the platform to share your ideas!

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