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A close up shot of Mat Cauthon in dirty looking clothes in The Wheel of Time season 2

Wheel of Time Fans to See “Exciting” and “Clear Continuation” of Mat Cauthon in Season 2 After Actor’s Recast

Editor’s note: this interview took place before the ongoing actors’ strike which started on July 14th.

The actor was signed on to play Mat Cauthon The Wheel of Time Season 2 revealed why it was “difficult” to replace previous star Barney Harris in the role.

Speaking exclusively to EliteViser ahead of the second season’s release on Prime Video, Dónal Finn opened up about the challenges associated with taking on the fan-favorite role following Harris’ departure.

In September 2021, Expiration reported that Harris would not be returning as the troubled Mat Cauthon for the next installment in the high fantasy series. At the time, Amazon Studios and The Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Judkins declined to comment on why Harris had left the show. Instead, Judkins chose to thank Harris for his work and also praise Finn’s contribution to his role in a separate chapter. Expiration November article of the same year.

With The Wheel of Time – one of the best Prime Video shows – returning to our screens on September 1, I asked Finn how it felt to not only take ownership of Mat Cauthon, but also pay homage to Harris’ portrayal AND provide your own interpretation of the character. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Irish actor revealed the process hasn’t been an easy one.

Mat holds ruby-hilted dagger at someone off-camera in The Wheel of Time season 1

Mat Cauthon’s former actor Barney Harris is gone The Wheel of Time after its first season. (Image credit: Jan Thijs/Prime Video)

“The biggest concern I had when I started this job was finding balance [between both versions of Mat]”, explained Finn. “When I found out what the project was and what role I was going to play, I felt that the best thing for me and the fans was to play the role as if it were my own.

“Working in a different way might give a certain impression or, to put it another way, be a shadow of what came before. It’s difficult as an actor and, in my eyes, perhaps not as rewarding for the fans. [who liked Harris’ iteration]. It wouldn’t have been right to wear that skin, so to speak, because Mat is such an emotional and lovable man, with multiple layers of identities.”

Going into season two, Mat finds himself in a very different headspace than he started in in the show’s first episode. This is mostly due to his experiences with — and addiction to — the evil Ruby-hilted Dagger, from which Moiraine saved him in Season 1 Episode 6. Unfortunately, due to the effects of the Shadar Logoth-tainted weapon, Mat has decided not to. join his friends in their ongoing quest to defeat the Dark One. Instead, he headed for Tar Valon, the stronghold of the Aes Sedai, ostensibly to seek help. So, what can viewers expect from Finn’s take on the character?

Mat Cauthon cries as he lies on a bed looking at a candle in the second season of The Wheel of Time

Mat still feels the effects of the ruby-hilted dagger at the beginning of season two. (Image credit: Jan Thijs/Prime Video)

“I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to play this character,” he added. “Once I got the role, I knew there had to be some smoothness in her voice and other elements that made her sound like a clear continuation of Mat’s personality. [from what came before]. But I also wanted to leave my mark on him. So going back to the source material, reading the books and season 1 scripts, and using other resources helped me see how this man thinks and works, how he feels about his responsibilities and his life, and what his ambition is. or fate.

“So audiences will see something fresh and exciting, but what I think is more interesting is that fans will continue to see things that are inherently Mat. This offers coherence to the performance that conveys the spirit or ethos of the character playing it. ” [The Wheel of Time author] Robert Jordan first wrote about it.”

There’s more to come from EliteViser’s exclusive coverage The Wheel of Time season 2, so check back with us between now and launch day for more on the cast, as well as our thoughts on the first few episodes.

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