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Why are Macs not good for gaming?

Why are Macs not good for gaming?

Unlike their Windows counterparts, Mac computers don’t have a reputation for being a gaming rig. This idea is only reinforced by marketing from Apple, which never talks about video games when it comes to Macs. But is this image deserved?

Mainly known for their elegant design, the MacMac I am computercomputer which shine through their innovative functions and software optimization. As a result, they are a relevant choice for anyone who wants to start creating or editing digitaldigital. In fact, they enjoy great processing power which makes them ideal machines for using video or photo editing software. However, those who already use a Mac computer for this type of activity, or are considering buying one, may wonder if these powerful machines are also a good choice for enjoying their favorite video games.

A restricted catalogue

Even though newer Macs have received a huge boost in sheer horsepower thanks to the processorsprocessors Apple Silicon, few games really benefit from it and the reason is simple: the catalog of games on the Mac is scarce compared to other platforms. When it comes to computer games, Windows enjoys primacy over macOS. It is therefore rare for games to be ported to the Apple platform, which accounts for only 10% of the market share.

Most of the games that come out are simply not coded with a compatible Mac version, or in some cases the macOS version comes out much later than the Windows version. Also, we must now take into account that the Mac has two distinct architectures that we need to code for: the x86x86 for processors intelintel and ARM64 for Apple Silicon processors (M1M1). The consequence is a divided user base, which means additional efforts to reach all players on the platform. These development constraints certainly won’t help things in the years to come as the Mac is transitioning to Apple Silicon processors.

The Apple Arcade case

Apple Arcade is Apple’s premium gaming service that allows users to download and play for a monthly subscription fee. The games in question are accessible on all Apple devices, fromiphoneiphone to the Mac via theiPadsiPads. While available on Mac, the games offered are primarily ” mobilemobile far from the AAA, standalone experiences one can expect from a machine as expensive as the Mac.

Is Mac a good choice for gaming?

When it comes to gaming, Macs are sadly not the best platform as they focus more on software optimization than hardware power. Most Macs simply can’t run modern games due to a lack of powerful enough graphics hardware. High-end Macs struggle to save face as they are soundly beaten by equivalently priced or configured Windows equivalents.

Cloud gaming, a viable solution for Macs?

The latest revolution in the world of video games, cloud gaming has not neglected the Mac. In fact, many services are available on the Apple computer such as Xbox Game Cloud or Nvidia GeForce Now. The advantage of this method is that it doesn’t require powerful hardware. In addition, cloud gaming services generally offer a wider range of games than the Mac. Finally, they allow you to take full advantage of two great strengths of Apple computers: the screen and battery life.


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