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why can we hope for a season 4?

  • Declan Lowney, who worked on Ted Lasso, has floated the idea of ​​a sequel to the series
  • He’s not the only one and the major players have already made walk calls.
  • There’s currently no talk of a Ted Lasso season 4 yet, but it seems possible

Since the end of the Ted Lasso series, there have been many rumors about the possibility of a sequel. It would be in the form of a season 4 or spin-off series. In the middle of summer, Declan Lowney, director and producer of this original Apple TV + creation, went there with all his confidence.

“We can’t stop here”

Asked by The Hollywood Reporterhe explained regarding the shooting: “Everyone knew it was the end, but for now it’s also the end. (Laughs) It will be two or three years before anything happens – if anything ever happens – so let’s try to summarize all these stories adequately.

Evidently, if it’s not about going out now, he doesn’t rule out doing it in the years to come. This statement from a significant person on the show clearly doesn’t come by itself.

Previously, the Ted Lasso actors had phoned Apple. We think in particular of the protagonist of this production, Jason Sudeikis who insisted in September 2022: “Here everyone gets along, they support each other, as artists and as human beings. Every day we show up, we have fun. People take care of each other. They want what’s best for everyone. That’s a great reason to do a season 4, isn’t it?

Later, Hannah Waddingham, who plays Rebecca Welton, I followed. Guest of the Kelly Clarkson Show, she expressed her disappointment that the series was ending:

I want to lock him in a dungeon with a notepad and a pen and say, “Dude, what are you doing?” (probably refers to the creator of the series ed). We can’t stop here. The characters are so loved and we all love them.

It certainly cannot be said that the protagonists have remained silent on this subject, and the ball is now in the Apple court. For your part, did you like Ted Lasso and would you like to see a sequel? Give us your opinion in the comments.


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