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Windows Photos upgrade - phtoo of two dogs with background blurred

Windows Photos may finally catch up with Apple Photos with these new features

Windows Photos is receiving a significant update that will introduce a selection of new features designed to improve the user experience.

Second Post from the official Microsoft blog As for Photos improvements, users can expect features like deep search, background blur, location search, and “Moving Photos” – think Live Photos on iPhones – which will breathe some life into the current photography software rather shabby.

Background Blur will definitely be appreciated by Photos users who want to remove backgrounds from their photos, highlight certain subjects, or change the area to be blurred. To be honest, it might be cruel to say, but like most of these updates, it’s almost time. Many of the new features have existed on other platforms for some time, particularly in Apple’s software ecosystem.

Get with the times, man

You’ll also be able to search for specific photos based on the type of content within the photo. This means you can now type things like “cat, car, beach, vacation” and more, while the app tries to identify and collect relevant images. You’ll need to sign in to your Microsoft account to use the feature, and the blog post warns that the advanced search bar may not work out of the box.

Other features you can expect include live photos and location searches, which will help you find the right image when you’re ready to reminisce (or plan your next vacation Instagram post). If you went to the beach, you can type “beach” or the name of the specific beach, the city you visited, or just your home and school.

Microsoft seems to be on a roll lately, rolling out updates and new features across its product lineup, and it’s really great to see. With updates to Microsoft Edge, the continued popularity of Bing AI, and now an update to Windows Photo, we’re really excited to see what the company has to offer in the near future.

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