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Workers fear being labeled lazy for using AI

New research by work management software company Asana has found that one in four workers are concerned that their employers may perceive them as lazy because they use AI tools.

The study of more than 4,500 US and UK workers found that more than a third (36%) use AI at least once a week in their job, a trend that is most notable in the US, where the percentage is 46%.

Mixed emotions emerge from the global adoption of AI and managers too are finding themselves using and preferring to use AI to get work done.

Does Artificial Intelligence Make You Lazy?

Asana estimates that 55% of executives expect their company to use AI for goal setting, and more than half (51%) are even willing to pay more for AI-powered tools.

AI has the power to sift through massive amounts of data that might otherwise take longer or longer hours of work. Generative AI then allows workers to interact with this data to summarize it and gain further insights.

Data analytics and administrative work are clearly areas of business where efficiency can be increased with time-saving technology, but, again, there is a clear disparity between the US and the UK, with American workers apparently most prepared to join artificial intelligence. .

Additionally, one in five workers believe that using AI in the workplace could be fraudulent. Saket Srivastava, CIO of Asana, said, “Employees cannot deal with this AI shift alone.”

Less than a quarter of companies have policies and guidelines on the use of AI at work, and less than a fifth of workers have received adequate training in the time-saving technology.

Srivastava added: “[Workers] they need clear guidelines for understanding the role of AI in their functions, along with tailored training and accessible technologies to take full advantage of AI’s capabilities. Organizations that get this right will harness artificial intelligence in a way that unlocks new levels of human ingenuity.”


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